What is a Capstone project? Why it is important? Where can you get ideas for BSN, nursing and IT capstone projects?

Capstone project is a process in which students pursue independent research on a topic or problem of their own choice. In this process they engage with the scholarly debates in the relevant questions. Students produce a substantial paper that reflects a deep understanding of the topic and this is done under the observation and guidance of a faculty mentor. This is the final step before graduation. This last course often seem daunting and frustrating. But once it’s done, the project often becomes one of the most valuable experiences in a student’s college career. A capstone course may require a project or subsequent presentation or an assessment exam in order to test student’s interdisciplinary skills which includes math, writing, critical thinking etc.

It may be hard to find a good idea for a bsn capstone project but it’s not impossible. You can read journals and see if you could generate some idea. You can also review BSN capstone examples others have done. Some bsn capstone project ideas are given below.

  • B.f support and promotion in the primary care setting
  • Delivery of culturally appropriate diabetes prevention program
  • Implementation of bedside shift report
  • Promoting B.F friendly practices in the clinic setting
  • Current practices in school (HDC) Health Data Collection
  • Engaging the community for Policy Development
  • Self-Management program for patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS)

While writing nursing capstone projects you will need to include the concepts, ideas, elements or other useful details. You should not include unnecessary information. These are some nursing capstone project ideas given below.

· Handling medical emergencies through critical care response.

· Psychological and emotional assistance.

· Modern technology to reduce medical errors .

· Concept advancement of nursing risk management(NRM)

· Patient care

· Relationship between nurse and patient.

While writing information technology capstone project you need to demonstrate research skills and methodology. Your topic should be scientific and should have practical use. Here are some capstone project ideas for information technology.

· Information logistics

· Data warehousing

· Human resource information system (HRIS)

· Network navigator

· Auto text summarization

· Micro mouse

· Enterprise level system (ELS) information management

These are some capstone project ideas. But you will get more ideas in the internet. You can Google for ideas. Also there are some website, which will provide you with capstone project ideas and they also offer project writing service.


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