a test mint !

No celebration ends without some beautifully fleeting fireworks! Even though BLOOM will continue with a set frequency (every 3 weeks) in the future, BURN and BUILD will not return for the inaugural BONFIRE Festival.

We present the FIREWORK: a collection of 333 animated pieces scripted in Javascript, generated at mint…

A still frame preview of the first BLOOM

BLOOM is the first act of the BONFIRE festival: the 6-part event will last for 18 weeks, with a 3-week increment between each of the parts. In order to participate, the Festivalgoer must be a Master Guardian — a holder of at least 3 Ab-Ar trees. …

The inaugural BONFIRE Festival hosted by Capsule Vault will take place in Absurd Arboretum in the late Summer of the year 2021. To prepare ourselves for what’s to come in this journey we’ve embarked on, within a fabricated universe of flourishing trees and of other mystical beings yet to have…

Hello all Tree Lovers,

The time has come to plant some trees
something we’ve all been waiting for!!

We’re excited and grateful that many more of you have joined us after the Phase 2 launch, so we may have a bigger impact together!

As most of you may have…

Capsule Vault

a world, a trilogy

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