~5 Tips For Chaffey College Noobs

Ayy what’s poppin’ homies, if you're new to campus these tips will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


Okay, so we’ve all been there. It’s 11:59 p.m. You’re struggling to stay awake. There’s a half-eaten cup of noodles somewhere by your face hole and you’ve chosen your classes. All you have to do now is click submi…JUST KIDDING.

Your computer crashes and you have to wait three hours to get your classes (or even longer). What I recommend is downloading the Chaffey College application because it’s faster, crashes less and not a lot of people know about it.


This isn’t sponsored, but I’ll gladly take an earlier registration date if it happens to come my way.

*Nonchalant whistling*

Tip #2: PARKING.

Parking is pretty much impossible during the first two weeks of school. Trust me, if your class starts at 9:30 a.m., you better be in that parking lot by 7:30 a.m.. I had to park at Vons! VONS MAN! Your best bet is to get dropped off, walk to class or just take the bus (which is free to current Chaffey college students).

P.P.S. This isn’t sponsored either, but if a free bus happened to come my way…

*Nonchalant whistling intensifies*


Campus is large and because of this you’re going to be walking…LIKE A LOT. I recommend that you bring some comfortable shoes, snacks and some water, mostly to avoid dying of dehydration (I hear that kinda sucks). You can also bring a bike, scooter or skateboard if you hate walking like me. I saw a dude rollerblading once. MAJESTIC!


Ask for them. You don’t wanna be that guy or girl circling the same building six times. Stop by the administration office and grab yo' self a map. Don’t be too shy to ask for directions. I’ve made most of my friends that way…which is ironic because when we hangout somewhere new we always get lost.


Tip #5: GAPS.

Leave time between classes. This gives you plenty of procrastination time. Where do you think I wrote these tips…at home? NOPE! *obnoxious French laughter* Wrote these during break time with my laptop! I mean…what? SHHH don’t tell anyone. Even if you’re not a procrastinator like me, time in between classes can give you a chance to get some food, join a club or hangout with that cute girl from English class…that’s right I know. Everyone knows…


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