Rules and strategy for the Captain Black Bill game

Captain Black Bill
Nov 26, 2019 · 6 min read

Captain Black Bill is a treasure hunting game in the real world where the goal is to find the lost diamond hidden in one of the treasures.

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The game is continuously played but will reset and start a new lap every time the lost diamond is found and robbed by a user entering the treasure’s secret code.

There are two, or sometimes three winners from each lap.

  1. The person who found and entered the treasure’s correct secret code.
  2. The person who made the treasure where the diamond was found.
  3. The current conqueror of the treasure where the diamond was found (if the treasure was conquered by someone).

Different roles in the game

A player can have one or several roles in the game depending on how they play and are most interested in.

  • The treasure hunter: Always adventurous and continuously hunting for new exciting treasures and challenges to solve. Dreaming of hitting it big finding the lost diamond one lucky day, but usually spend more money travelling and gets mostly just a lot of fun in return.
  • The treasure maker: Hard working and likes to explore new territories where no one has been before. Loves to challenge and inspire others to get outdoors and visit beautiful locations. Appreciate the small income that treasure making brings back.
  • The treasure conqueror: A strategist that knows by statistics that the lost diamond is most likely to be found in great treasures made by the best treasure makers with the best credibility. And who conquer and perfect those treasures even more to attract other players and to share the winner reward with the treasure maker.
  • The hiker: Not all that interested in the actual treasure hunting thing. But loves being outdoors and appreciates a goal or inspiration for new locations to visit.
  • The investor: Buys shares of ownership in the lost diamond to benefit from the 25% provision the lost diamond owners gets during a game lap. The investor is always calculating the number of treasures available to find the probability of how many treasures must be solved before the diamond is found. And at the same time to make sure the value of the lost diamond is inspiring enough for the treasure hunters to try get it.
  • Businesses: Businesses can buy ads for items or services they sell by adding a sponsored product gift in treasures. Businesses can use this in marketing to engage their customers and attract customers to their in-store or online store. The advertising fee for adding a sponsored product gift is added to the treasure’s value and will benefit the treasure maker and treasure hunters when the treasure is robbed.
  • The hacker: Is always convinced there is a bug or a way to guess, crack or decipher the encrypted secret treasure codes stored in the public blockchain instead of walking outdoors to get it. But sometimes lucky if a treasure maker screws up with a visible secret code on the treasure image or the secret code is possible to guess without being at the treasure location.

How to get started

The Captain Black Bill can be played in your web browser, uses the EOS blockchain to store data and cryptocurrency for payments in the game. It may sound scary for some but we encourage you to try. Captain Black Bill is an easy way to learn about blockchain and we promise you a lot of fun outdoor at the same time.

  1. Open the Captain Black Bill on your phone’s browser by entering in the address bar.
  2. Every game player must register with an e-mail address and a twelve letter account name. The account name and all your transactions related to this account is public and visible for others to see on the EOS blockchain. The e-mail address is private and never visible or shared with others.
  3. You will need EOS-tokens to activate and rob treasures when you play the game. EOS-tokens are crypto currency and must, because of strict regulation from governments, be bought from a certified exchange like and then transferred to your twelve letter account name. It’s easy. Try with a few dollars and you’ll learn this in no time.
  4. If you want to cash out EOS-tokens from the game, you just send the EOS-tokens back to Coinbase (remember to just send a few cent the first time to make sure you did it right). And then send it back to your bank account from Coinbase.

Game rules

  1. The goal is to find the lost diamond hidden in one of the treasures. Every game player can add or rob treasures all over the world by entering a secret code and pay $1.
  2. The lost diamond will automatically relocate to a another random treasure if it has not been found within seven days.
  3. A treasure can, regardless if it contains the lost diamond or not, have zero value or a small amount hidden in it. If it has zero value and you paid $1 to rob it, then YOU have been robbed for $1 dollar. If the treasure has value, then it will instantly be transferred to your account.
  4. The treasure maker will get the same amount as the robber when a treasure is robbed, unless the treasure has been conquered. Then the treasure maker and conqueror share the treasure value 50/50.
  5. When you successfully rob a treasure, you have the option to conquer the treasure and register a new secret code made by you. Then, the next time the treasure is robbed, the treasure maker’s share of the treasure will be shared 50/50 with you. Conquering a treasure is free.
  6. When the lost diamond is found, the value of the lost diamond is paid out to the robber and the treasure maker. If the treasure has a conqueror, the treasure maker and conqueror share the treasure value 50/50.
  7. When the lost diamond is found, a new lost diamond is created and added to a random treasure. Also — current diamond owners gets the 25% payout sent to their accounts and are then removed. The game is reset and a new game lap starts with no initial diamond owners.
  8. Secret codes: The secret code must be present on the treasure location on a physical object. It can be written on a piece of wood, a paper in a waterproof box, a stone or something that is uniquely present at that location. Use your imagination and be creative. But remember — it must be possible for others to get it when they visit the location.
  9. Credibility: The credibility number on a treasure is the number of unique players that has found and robbed a treasure maker’s treasures. Zero Credibility is a high risk of not finding the treasure. High Credibility indicates great treasure making, lot of fun and a good chance of finding the treasure. There is a higher probability of finding the The Lost Diamond in treasures made by treasure makers with high credibility.

Game strategies

The best game strategy will depend on what you are most interested in when you play. Here are some recommendations:

I want to get rich!

Then you’ll probably be disappointed. We have worked hard to make this a game with equal opportunities for everyone. Targeting outdoor enthusiast and to inspire others to have fun and be more active outdoors. We do use real value in the treasures and the lost diamond to make you feel the excitement of a real treasure hunt. But the chances of becoming rich is very small.

I want to make an income from treasure making!

The best strategy for making an income as a treasure maker is to create a lot of great treasures that other people are inspired to visit and solve. Good pictures, fun challenges and exciting locations that are not to far from where people live. Think of the treasures as your products. You want to attract people and treasure conquerors to solve your treasures. Maintain the treasures well. Visit often to make sure the secret code is available and build your credibility as a treasure maker. Write good treasure descriptions and inform if the treasure require special equipment or has some dangerous elements in it.

I want to have more fun outdoor!

Then Captain Black Bill is definitely for you. You will get inspired by others, have fun with challenges and visit places you didn’t knew existed. You will get motivated to be more in nature, excited by all the creativity by others and stress less in your daily work.

I want to get that lost diamond!

The best strategy for getting the lost diamond is to be a combination of a good treasure maker and a sympathetic treasure conqueror. Make or conquer as many treasures as you can and make sure you deliver great quality for others to enjoy. Then the probability of the lost diamond getting located in your treasures and the probability of other players visiting your treasures increases.

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