The excitement of a real treasure hunt

Captain Black Bill
Oct 19 · 5 min read

What if you found a treasure map and needed all your outdoor and survival skills in an adventurous hunt to get the treasure before someone else? What if it was real value, treasures all over the world and you could actually make an income from making treasures for others to enjoy?

Here’s how the Captain Black Bill treasure hunting game works.

I love being outdoor doing adventurous things. And I love being challenged and inspired by others. That happened when I was snorkeling at a beautiful beach this summer. Just below me at the rocky seabed was a mysterious red stone engraved with a four letter code and a web address. I picked it up. Swam curious to shore and typed the address in my phone’s web browser .

I had found Captain Black Bill’s treasure map with red marks and a lost diamond hidden in one of them. Could it be the one I found?

Treasures are marked on the map.

One of the red marks was exact my location. I clicked on it. A new page with the title Enter Secret Code got me very excited. I followed the Join The Crew process, sent a few EOS-tokens to my new account and was ready to rob my first treasure. I got 18 dollar and 87 cent.

Not exactly the amount I had fantasized about in my enthusiastic eager after finding a treasure map. But I felt the excitement of a real treasure hunt. Next up was to find the treasure with the Lost Diamond. Only problem, closest treasure was 500 miles away and the others was spread all around the world.

But the distance problem solved itself when I found out I could create my own treasures! Since the lost diamond is relocated to another treasure every 24 hours I would have a fair chance that the lost diamond was relocated to one of my treasures every day. And even better. If some of the other crew members robbed one of my treasures I would get paid the same amount as the robber.

I got it. Crew members were encouraged to make treasures for others to enjoy and the reward is that you get the same payout as the finder when your treasure is robbed. I suddenly got a big motivation for making treasures and have a lot more fun outdoor.

The red cross marks where the secret code can be found.

This is how it works. You pay one dollar to create a new treasure. That dollar is added to the value of the Lost Diamond and you get a one dollar share as one of the Lost Diamond owners. The Lost Diamond owners get 25% provision from the game until the diamond is robbed. When robbed, all diamond owners gets paid, are removed as owners and it starts all over.

You can also buy a bigger share in the Lost Diamond. How much you buy in is a strategic decision based on how many treasures there is and the probability of the Lost Diamond to be robbed. But remember, you will be removed as an diamond owner when the diamond is found and robbed.

Example of treasure objects. A stone with engraved secret code is best for water or to bury underground. Small wood stick for gluing to boulders and a larger wood stick to hang in trees etc. All painted in red.

You pay 1 dollar to rob a treasure with the secret code. The current value of the treasure will then instantly be paid out to you and the treasure maker if the treasure has value and the secret code is correct. If the current value of the treasure is zero or the secret code is wrong, then your dollar is lost.

You can also check a treasure by paying 1 dollar. You will then see the current treasure amount and see if the Lost Diamond is there. This is great if you don't want the uncertainty of hunting for empty treasures.

When you pay one dollar, 50 cent of that dollar is added to the treasure and increases the treasure’s value with 25 cent (since both treasure maker and robber gets the same amount). 25 cent is paid out to the diamond owners. 20 cent is added to the value of the diamond and 5 cent is used to cover expenses for maintenance and resources like CPU (processor power) and NET (traffic bandwidth) on the EOS blockchain.

I nice place for campfire in the sunset. Exploring a cave. Climbing a tree, snorkeling at a beach, rock climbing or abseiling down a cliff. Treasure locations should be exciting and fun to explore by others.

Some treasures are easy to find. Others can be very hard, dangerous (if you don’t know what you are doing) and will require equipment and skills. I always have a 30 feet (ten meter) climbing rope, harness, two carabiners, diving mask and a headlamp in my backpack. Know your limits!

Basic gear for treasure making and treasure hunting. 30 feet climbing rope, harness, carabiners, diving mask, and a head lamp.

The game runs on the EOS blockchain and use EOS tokens as payment. The regulation for buying and selling tokens is very strict. You will need or another exchange to get EOS tokens. It’s not for everyone. Please assume that you will get nothing but fun in return from this game. But the intention behind the game is to let you feel the excitement of a real treasure hunt where everyone has an equal chance of winning and everyone that do the hard work of making and maintaining treasures has a good chance to get rewarded.

You also need to know that all transactions are public and visible on the blockchain. Don’t use your real name as your account name if you want to be anonymous. Click here to see details about the cptblackbill smart contract and transactions.

If you’re still curious, the treasure map and the game can be visited at

Be careful, enjoy and all the best!

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