Robert Mugabe resigns after Donald Trump endorsement

Zimbabwe has seen many years of challenge, turmoil and economic decline, with many believing its current situation to be due to the poor leadership from its President Robert Mugabe. The situation in Zimbabwe has been thought to be unsolvable, with his wife, Grace Mugabe, poised to take over if the leader were to pass away. All hope seemed to have been lost in this landlocked African country, as the dictatorship increases its grip over the people. This was until Donald Trump, President of the United Sates, endorsed the countries leadership, stating “I really like what Robert has done to Zimbabwe. I think it’s great, he’s a great guy.” Trump went on to say, “We have even enjoyed a chat after a UN meeting, his country is great, you will love it.”

In what has been considered a surprisingly positive appraisal for a country that has had a tough time both socially and economically. Trump has further iterated his opinions in interviews, stating, “I’ve seen how much the people of Zimbabwe love Robert, or as I like to say, Bob. I heard he achieved an 80% landslide victory! This is incredible! I couldn’t even get Vladimir to rig my elections to that level!” Trump went on to say, “I think Bob needs to continue doing what he has always done — putting Zimbabwe first, putting jobs first. I think he is doing a great job and needs to keep up the good work.”

After hearing this news though, President Mugabe has made the following statement: “I cannot accept being considered an equal to Donald Trump. Any good leader can clearly see that doing what that man considers a good thing to do, is clearly not a good thing to do. Upon his recommendations for me to continue my leadership of Zimbabwe, I have decided to do the exact opposite — I will not see my country becoming like America. Zanu-PF will no longer lead Zimbabwe.”

This surprising revelation has brought a lot of confusion to the African Union (AU), with many of its leaders worrying about Trump giving them the “recommendation of death”. Many of the troubled continent’s leaders have begun hosting unbiased elections out of desperate hope of not being identified with the United State President — none of which have been available for comment. This trend seems to be trickling into the rest of the world too, as China has reportedly begun decommissioning its coal power stations after Trump stated “I believe the best investment any country could make for its power grid, is in coal.”

We will keep you updated as this story evolves.

- Captain Cuddles