She is on the receiving end of my disdain for multiple reasons, none of which are because she lost…
Stefanie Williams

This isn’t about Talia’s (his)story, in my opinion. It’s about her sense of entitlement. A college degree doesn’t entitle you to success. Getting fired for publicly shaming your employer doesn’t either. She made a decision to publicly complain about her situation and her boss. There are always consequences for a decision like that.

Unless you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you have to work for success. There’s no other formula for it. Whether you are creative, logical, physically strong, or just driven, you have to work to succeed. Two jobs and a side gig on weekends, working twelve-hour days, or eating ramen and rice twice a day, whatever. It’s all a part of making yourself successful. You have to work, not whine.

What Talia is doing is the 21st-century version of “Will Work for Food” written on cardboard and waved at a street corner. Except in most cases, when you offer a job to the person holding that sign up, they turn it down. From her post, I suspect Talia will never work as a dishwasher in a restaurant, or fire up a lawnmower to earn $20. Because she has a college degree, and while begging isn’t beneath her, hard work seems to be.

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