My use of the word sweeping was intended to be interpreted literally, as in; clean by brushing away…
Steve McGrath

“Race-baiting”? Uhhhh, what? You don’t have a clue what that means, do you?

As for literally sweeping away dirt, you must be one of those Trump conned. “Drain the swamp”, you all said. And then he replaced it with treasonous stooges (Michael Flynn so far, but there will be more), corrupt cabinet nominees, billionaires, Wall Street sycophants and former Goldman Sachs investors — in direct contradiction with campaign rhetoric — and then the generic incompetents, oh the incompetents: Betsy DeVos (also a billionaire), Rick Perry, Ben Carson, Scott Pruitt, Andrew Puzder, Kellyanne Conway (who’s already committed a criminal act not to mention being a complete clown), etc. It’s a cornucopia of who should not be put in positions of authority. (however, Chao and Mattis are solid choices).

Yes, Agent Orange really drained the swamp…and replaced it with a sewer.

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