Well, the playlists are as save as the service is… (and its contracts with the rights owners; see…
Thomas Euler

Thanks Thomas for the lengthy response to my playlist worry. I guess I wasn’t very clear. I am not concerned with owning the songs, in the case that a streaming service shuts down. I just want to at least KNOW (be able to recall) what songs I’ve collected in my playlists, so I can collect them again (legally) on a new site. I wonder if bankrupt streaming sites would maintain an accessible record of (former) user playlists, to aid people in re-building those playlists on whatever new site they had to migrate to. It’s a scary thing to lose one’s playlists. I’m very surprised it’s not a much discussed topic. I think streaming services have a moral obligation to save a users playlists. Again, not the actual ability to stream, but just the name of the songs/artists.