The Bloody War for a Dying World.

Every good tale starts with once upon a time. But not every tale is a good one.

Once upon a time, many centuries ago, a race of humanoids called the Fae lived on the Earth. They were at peace with nature, and their world thrived. Touched by the kindness the Fae had shown it, the Earth began to give certain Fae special abilities. Some could make plants grow faster than others. Some could sing so beautifully that songbirds could not compare. Some loved animals so much that the Earth allowed them to be become one of them. Some enjoyed the act of making love, and the Earth blessed them with the ability to make those around them love just as much as they did.

But some Fae were not blessed. The years went on, and they hoped, prayed to the Earth for gifts like their brothers and sisters, but none came. It was then that a dark seed was planted in their hearts. They began to be called the Unblessed. No gift was bestowed upon them because it was thought they did not care for the Earth enough. They were mocked, ridiculed, treated as lesser because they were not as loved as the rest of the Fae. Humiliated, angry and hungry for revenge, they left their home, ridding themselves of their Unblessed identity.

The Fae heard nothing of them for many years, until one of their own, a small boy who ran with wolves called Cassius, was shot down with a silver arrow. Their healers tried to save him, but could do nothing. The Unblessed knew every weakness the Fae had, and were going to use them against those they despised. It was then that the Brotherhood was formed. As a way to exact revenge on the Fae for their gifts, the Unblessed gathered their best hunters, and turned from magic, looking to science to guide them. It took them many centuries but they had many children and flourished for generations, building giant structures, destroying forests, draining lakes… They were taking their revenge, though that purpose was lost over the years.

In time, the Brotherhood faded. Not into nothingness, but into secrecy. As the world was slowly being killed by their fellow Humans, as they now proudly called themselves, they continued to hunt out what they considered abominations. The Fae, who had also advanced largely, could see that the Unblessed were unstoppable. The Earth was dying, and the Fae would die with it, too.

And they would have too, if Lorath, descendant of Cassius, The First To Die, decided that they would not let these Humans win. The Wolves caused an uprising, and many Humans, who had only heard of Fae through myths and legends, realised that their world and their history was far more ancient and dark than they ever could have known.

War broke out. The Wolves started the battles, killed Humans by the thousands. The Bloodletters were the next to join, though they now proudly took up the mantle of Vampire, as they had been known in old stories. Magic Bringers, the Elementals, the Witches, the Succubi, the Incubi and others of their kind joined soon after, a non-stop fight for the Earth, which still slowly died beneath their feet.

It lasted for decades, again. Human built walls around cities and had guards patrolling 24/7 to protect their population. The Fae had magic, traps and other sneaky methods of attacking their enemy. The two sides clashed, and clashed, and clashed, until it seemed as though there was no way it could end.

But, finally, it did.

The Humans came to the Fae court, unarmed and waving a white flag. Their countries were ravaged, their armies were weak and they wanted peace. Distrustful but desperate for the same thing, both sides reached a shaky common ground. Thus, the Blood Moon Treaty was created, so named as it had been signed in both leaders’ blood, under a full moon.

It is 2016. There has been a single year of peace, a single year since this treaty was signed by the leaders of both the Humans and the Fae, and distrust still hangs in the air. The damage of the war is still being repaired.

One community of Fae dares to trust, however. The Grimmswood, previously only for Fae, has begun to allow Humans within it’s borders. Bitter and war-torn Fae sneer at the few who choose to take this invitation, and whispers of ‘Unblessed’ are beginning to arise again. Tensions are high, with no release under the traditional teachings of the Fae. The way of life that the Fae have lived for centuries, the revered rituals and most ancient of magic. Teaching all of this to Humans is an olive branch that could snap at any moment. What comes after, neither side is sure.

Is there promise for this world? Is a happy ending ever achievable for this ‘fairytale’? We cannot know, only hope and look to the future.