4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Dale Beran

Extremely insightful story that meshes with my feeling that loneliness and social exclusion are behind the rise of the right in the recent decades. Fueled by deeply un-human hyper-individualism of late-stage neoliberal capitalism, we have become a society of disconnected individuals. Many of the profoundly scarred feel left behind. Emotional neglect probably has always existed, but the breakdown of the connective tissue of communities means more and more people have no where to turn to to seek comfort, solace and support. Lacking the space to heal wounds, we do to others what was done to us. The growth of the Internet has boosted the reach of deeply hurt individuals lashing out manyfold. Instead of simply being obnoxious to their family or friends and acquaintances, they can now dish out vitriol and insult to just about anyone.

My own hurt made me less sensitive when I was young. It was a defensive survival strategy to not feel my own pain. Although I never hung out in on-line spaces like 4chan (too old for that now), I certainly recognize the cynical attitude towards the suffering of others as a product of emotional neglect.

Thank you for sharing this. In spite of what several commentators have remarked, I feel you are so right about this.

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