Are Tech Marketers Over Paid Spend and SEM?

Many companies spend thousands a year on Google AdWords. With a combination of poor conversion rates and high Cost Per Conversion spend, most marketers are often left feeling rather ‘blah’ about paid advertising.

The thing is, marketers often forget that strategically improving paid performance means taking a much broader look at what paid optimization really is. If an agency is solely focused on:

  • Managing campaign spend
  • Bidding and picking keywords
  • Writing ads

…and the rest (landing page copy, offer selection, etc.) is handled internally, then there is a missed opportunity. Without a strategy or a platform to deliver personalized landing pages at scale across all of those ads, most marketers are left with the following challenges:

  • No ability to scale creation of landing pages across thousands of keywords, ad groups, etc.
  • Poor conversions on landing pages because the content or offer is not aligned with the keywords or ads
  • Lower quality score within Google AdWords as a result of poor relevance
  • Lower quality score implies higher cost of acquiring the customers

As a result, marketers are left with very poor ROI on existing Paid Spend. Can you blame them? Take a look at the numbers marketers have to deal with:

Inserting a few sample amounts into the equation, here’s what the paid spend challenge looks like:

200 (AGs) X 54 X 5 (LP options) x 54 (Content Options) = Poor conversion rates
400+ KW’s x 10 Verticals x 4 Devices = Automation required

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