A trip to Kansai, Osaka- Okonomiyaki

We had our dinner at YUKARI near Nanba station. It’s an OKONOMIYAKI restaurant which has started their business since 1950. It’s famous for both locals and travelers, so we’ve stayed in line for 15 minutes to get in. After finished our meal, there was a long line waiting outside for the meal.

They provide both English and Chinese menu for the foreigner.

We ordered an OKONOMIYAKI, a fried Scallops, and short ribs. The OKONOMIYAKI fits well with the Mayonnaise and soy sauce, which they maintain self-made. And the fried scallops are nice and fresh. The short ribs look great but taste so-so. Probably because we had Kobe beef later in our trip, the expectation becomes higher.

2017/3/25, 晚餐是位於難波站 Yukari 曾根崎的大阪燒,其實我們只是逛完Big Camera在附近亂晃覺得看起來不錯,就跟著排隊了。等了大概15分鐘入座,排隊的人大部分是日本人。查了才發現這家店小有名氣,吃完以後外面便大排長龍,覺得我們運氣真的不錯。




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