A Trip to Kansai, Osaka-UNATON

We had “UNATON” for our lunch in UNATOTO restaurant at Minamimorimachi station, Osaka. The UNATON is basically made by the grilled eel with rice.

They’ve got website here: http://www.unatoto.com

The grilled eel makes a good match with the rice. If you love grilled eel, or you’re seeking for traditional Japan cuisine, it would be a good choice. The black one in the picture is grilled eel liver. It’s soft. I couldn’t think of a word to describe the taste, but it’s good.

To me, it’s kind of…boring to finish a big plate of UNATON without any other side dishes. Moreover, the smell of grilled food pervades the restaurant which makes you stinky after finish the meals. We finished our meal in a rush, hoping that we didn’t smell bad.

2017/3/25,午餐是天神橋筋商店街的平價烤鰻魚飯-名代 宇奈とと





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