The official statement from carVertical

At the time of announcing these news, we have issued a Press Release that goes into great depth to explain the purpose of this agreement, and how will carVertical benefit from this. If you want to know the meaning of this partnership, please read it on NewsBTC. With this, carVertical is the first blockchain company integrating connected vehicles data onto vehicle reports system, leading the role for other vehicle report companies.

We confirm that carVertical and BMW group have entered into contractual relationship concerning exchange of vehicle generated data. Under the Conditions of Use, carVertical has a right to receive data from BMW group and an obligation to pay a fee for this data. Respectively, BMW group has an obligation to share vehicle generated data with carVertical. These obligations are already in effect and binding upon the parties. Due to this partnership, carVertical has the right to use data received from BMW group for connected reports for cars.

We want to emphasize that before this FUD came to light, we were blackmailed and asked to pay 5 million cV tokens to someone by the name of “Serge A” calling himself Ed. When we refused, he and his partners started a coordinated attack in all of our Social Media pages, spreading false information about this situation in order to damage carVertical’s reputation.

At this point, we would like to close this case and instead concentrate on developing a Alpha version of our API, which is due on March 31st.