One day, I suppose you wake up well-rested only to realize that, late in that day, things come crumbling down.

What do you do? Do you ask for advice, help?

No. You figure it out yourself.

A few of us are blessed with parents who particularly guide you down an independent path. Regularly telling you no. Instructing you socially: don’t be a “yes man,” never take no for an answer, state your opinion, boldly, etc.

Then there are those of us who are born to parents of the latter.

First of all, it isn’t their fault. Life will teach you lessons your parents couldn’t. And yes, it is unfortunate that you had to learn this way. But, gear up!

My, almost, entire life I feel like I have been waiting for someone to realize my potential without me having to showcase it. For someone to be a friend to me, a genuine one. A man to love me unconditionally. Until, I am sitting in my car (at this very moment) realizing that I never received those things because I didn’t deserve it. Because I didn’t demand it.

No matter how nice I am. People still use me as a door mat and honestly, that’s just how I feel right now.

I have twisted and turned for everyone with no thought or care about myself. Only to get slapped, punched and pushed down.

No matter how many self-help articles and books I have read, I have continuously fallen victim to a lack of faith, and trust in humanity.

I would wish on the stars for popularity, love and money but I will never receive these things if I don’t 360 my perception of success and make it happen myself.

(As for you too; if there is a ‘you’ reading this.)

You can not please everyone and everyone isn’t pleasable. No matter how hard you try or cower. Things will not happen. Or better yet, nothing will happen. The cycle will continue.

And if something seems too good to be true, take it from me, it is.