Spotify Premium, You Win

Cara Martner
Sep 5, 2016 · 1 min read

Earlier this year I made the bold claim of never paying for a streaming music service until I have to.

Here I am not a year later eating my own words.

Spotify Premium has changed my life.

It all started when Spotify offered me three months of premium service over the summer for 99¢. Instantly sold. I knew there would be road trips and more walking outside while it’s nice (blast those Minnesota winters) and I’m able. Not having to be interrupted with ads combined with the ability to select exactly what I want to hear (something I claimed was unimportant) became a significant part of the most enjoyable parts of my summer.

When my three months of service came to an end, I already knew I’d be making the permanent switch.

Now I’m hanging onto those precious $120 dollars I was worried about by drinking my coffee at home and reminding myself to never say never.

Cara Martner

Written by

A crafty virtual assistant battling her final years of continued education in music business.

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