This Could be About Anyone

This feeling wells up inside my chest like a dam about to burst.

I am six thousand tiny fireworks set to simultaneously explode.

My body is a faulty irrigation system.

Re-routed so my lips and my tongue forget how to move, but my heart splits at the seams.

I can’t remember much.

When was the last time I fell so hard I bruised my knees and my ego at the same time?

How many seconds did I just spend staring into the depths of his eyes?

My hands trace heart shapes on granite counter tops.

I concentrate on everything but sane thoughts.

I miss him.

Even when his arms are wrapped around my waist.

I make strange noises as my brain tries to cogitate an intelligible sentence.

One that makes sense without too much apprehension.

The knots in my stomach tie my insides to my trepidations.

Turning repetitive thought into temptations.

His kiss is duck-down stuffed into the barrel of a loaded gun.

My finger on the trigger so I can’t run.

Sharp teeth chewing through heartache.

My lower lip becomes a thick steak.

My nerves a raging wildfire.

Singeing my synapses one by one.

I think I’ll be fine.

His heartbeat is all I need to keep me alive.

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