What Steps To Follow After An Auto Accident

Xavier Reddall
Jul 18, 2019 · 2 min read

In the US, auto accident victims lose the right to compensation by making common mistakes. After an accident, the victims follow specific guidelines and secure their rights. Following the right steps helps the victim improve their chances of receiving compensation for their injuries and auto repair needs. Car Accident Attorneys discuss what steps everybody should take after an auto accident.

Contact the Authorities

Accident victims who don’t contact law enforcement lack credible evidence of their accident. The law enforcement officers make it official by creating an accident report. It is a safeguard that is necessary should the victim need medical attention or auto repairs after the accident.

Get Insurance Details and File a Claim

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The victim asks the at-fault driver for their insurance information. They need the driver’s name, the name of the insurer, and the policy number. Getting the insurance company’s contact number is helpful and prevents the victim from contacting the wrong branch or location.

Collect All Documentation from the Insurance Claim

It is paramount for the victim to collect all documentation sent to them from the accountable driver’s insurer. A denial of coverage letter is vital to a personal injury case. It shows that the victim took the steps to file the claim and the insurer denied the coverage. The victim discusses the letters with their attorney after the denial. Their attorney collects the documentation and determines if a legal claim is feasible.

Do Not Speak to the At-Fault Driver’s Insurer or Legal Counsel

Attorneys recommend that victims refrain from communicating with the defendant’s insurer or legal counsel. The tactic allows the insurer or attorney to get information from the victim and use it against them. The insurer or attorney extends offers to the victim to avoid a personal injury trial. The victim’s attorney is the only party who should speak to anyone else involved.

Attend All Hearings, Mediation, and Appointments with an Attorney

The victim attends all hearing, mediation, and any further court appointments with their attorney. Showing up on time and avoiding delays helps the claimant. If they aren’t able to attend, the victim must inform their attorney immediately.

In the US, personal injury cases give victims a chance to get compensation after an auto accident. The cases start after an insurer refuses coverage and when an accountable driver doesn’t have insurance. Victims of the accidents are encouraged to contact an attorney and discuss their claim right now.

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