No Such Thing

Very engaging. I’ve had a similar real-life experience, even contacted a team to come investigate. Yes, like ghost-busters. They ask a lot of personal questions about mental status and use of drugs before setting up an appointment. They actually put equipment in the house to measure movement through the air and all occupants including pets have to leave. They told me to “talk to it” and tell it that it was really bothering me and I was scared and would have to move, etc. I did. And there was no more activity after that, so they did not come investigate. Your story seemed very realistic to me, brought back those memories. They tell me that people who have these experiences will often have them in multiple houses/locations because they are more receptive to whatever makes these noises/movements, and/or whatever does this can tell that they are receptive and will seek out those individuals. Kind of like The Sixth Sense.

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