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Becoming a Writer for The Culture Corner

For starters, we will need to get you added as a writer to The Culture Corner publication.

Please note: being added as a writer doesn’t necessarily mean that any or all of your stories will be published on The Culture Corner, but it is definitely a necessary step. …

How to make it as a writer and where to look for publishers

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Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash

I’ve struggled, like all writers, in their career of pursuing literary freedom. If you’re here, then you’re wondering what works because it seems as if you’ve been living in a Stephen King novel of finding agents, work, and getting paid.

Most articles I’ve read to skyrocket my success in this industry look appetizing enough until I’ve bumped into the meat of why I’m actually reading these successful freelancer’s blogs. …

A freelancer’s guide to honing your craft and sticking to your rates

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Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

“You know, I just really loved my old content writer,” was the first thing that came out of my client’s mouth when we got on the phone for a discovery call.

What I wanted to say was “I’m sorry, are you talking about your ex right now?”

Instead, I kept moving and got down to the nitty-gritty of what the purpose of the phone call was.

What do you say to something like that?

As a freelancer, you understand that the amount work, tears, and lack of sleep that is at the core of every entrepreneur’s cold email list, shitty phone calls, and self-worth that either makes or breaks your next writing deal. …

When change comes, it can’t be stopped. Like a train that’s unwavering, it moves straight ahead at full speed.

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Photo by Cassidy Kelley on Unsplash

When change comes, it can’t be stopped. Like a train that’s unwavering, it moves straight ahead at full speed.

Most of my life changing moments come in the months of August and September, and it’s this inevitable force that sneaks up on me with the same amount of fear as euphoria. Most everyone I know has been financially impacted by COVID-19, and for whatever reason, the stimulus check has yet to make it to my bank account. …

A ten week series about systemic racism. Stories told by women of color.

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As we kick off this incredible new series that will honor the stories of the ones who are interviewed, it is important to take a moment to reflect on these stories and challenge your thoughts on systemic racism. The women who have come forward with her story are to be honored. They are brave and their love is unconditional.


Heather Harris’s Story

Cara H. : So Heather, what do you do for a living?

Heather H.: Well, I work as a customer service representative and then I’m also a health coach. I help women lose weight and reach their goals. I attended Health Coach Institute and I’m still working towards more education by taking that course. …

Why claiming to love black culture isn’t enough to resolve social injustice.

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In March 1939, Billie Holiday performed her final song of the night in a small cafe in New York. With a single spotlight on her — she separated her lips and out flowed lyrics that left the crowd speechless.

“Southern trees bearing strange fruit

Blood on the leaves and blood at the roots

Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze

Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees”

Strange Fruit became an anthem for black culture during the Segregation Era because of the lynchings that occurred up to the 1930s. …

5 foods to boost your mental health

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I’ve never been more turned off physically and emotionally when I hear the word diet.

Let me be honest with you —

My diet consists of a lot of caffeine, donuts, and pasta. On occasions, I’ll crave cucumbers, hummus, and a nice fruit blend.

There’s a lot of science behind brain chemistry attached to mental health issues such as depression and generalized anxiety disorders, but it can be difficult to figure out what to eat when you’re stressed, on a budget, and unaware of where to start.

There are several psychological factors that contribute depression as well as anxiety, but we’re going to focus on the neurotransmitters that factor in to these illnesses. …

I’m watching some people I’ve deemed as the most secure start to falter mental health-wise.

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I think it’s safe to say we are all feeling a little misplaced. To be honest, I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for years. For me, it’s been harder to see that the pandemic is playing a larger role in my mental health than I had anticipated or even recognized.

I’m watching some people I’ve deemed as the most secure start to falter mental health-wise. Thoughts of confusion encompass our bodies. …

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Today’s cartoons will never compare to the 90s cartoon films that were released. As much as I love Princess and the Frog and Up, there’s something warming and nostalgic about re watching old Disney movies released before the 2000s era.

I vividly remember Saturday mornings as a child when I would grab my favorite soft blanket and plop on the couch with a bowl on Honeycomb cereal. If we’re being honest, I’m not really seeing a difference in my six year old personality and my twenty-two year old personality in quarantine.

In my entertainment center, there was a caddy that you could open and it was filled with hundreds on VHS movies. Here are the ones I adored that are most definitely the most underrated animated films. …

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Dear Reader,

I have words I want to say, truly I do.

I would not have gotten out of my bed at ten at night if I did not have anything to say.

I don’t know where this post leads, I just know I feel like being myself right now. I find it very difficult to be myself when in writing there has to be and outline and a goal. …


Cara Huffstuttler

Future NY Times Bestselling Author.

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