Namaste and the Email Signature

For ages, I couldn’t figure out how to sign off my emails. There had been an initial connection, maybe even a few exchanges. People had reached out to connect. I wanted to connect back in a heartfelt manner. “Regards” felt too distancing. I couldn’t say “Love” to people I didn’t know very well. How could I sign off my emails that would make a meaningful connection and still represent who I am?

Some people say “Hugs” as a sign off. My friend in Spain signs off with Un abrazo, which means an embrace. I also get “Warm regards.”

I tried “Warmly,” for a long time but there came a point when I wanted to express a more meaningful connection and I didn’t have the words.

What words could I use that express who I am and that slowly deepen a new relationship without being presumptuous?

Enter Namaste

I learned to use the salutation Namaste (nah·mah·sté) in some time ago in yoga class but I now see it everywhere. The gesture is to put your hands in prayer position and bow to the person before you and say Namaste. It’s used as a greeting or an acknowledgement of an arrival or departure.

Namaste means “The Light within me honors the Light within you.” Is that not perfect! I can say that to everyone! It’s honors our connection, however newly aware we are of it.

Namaste connects our heart chakras. The gesture is the acknowledgement of one soul to another.

Now my emails are going to go out heart to heart, soul to soul. Love it!


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Originally published at on February 17, 2016.