2:10 a.m should not be your start time…

  • Describe one thing you learned in class today.

Media Queries! I was so cool to see how information is translated to different sized phones and monitors by just adding media queries to change the formula just a little to accommodate for those screen sizes.

  • Describe 2 (your choice) pseudo-selectors and discuss what they are used for.
  1. “Autofill” is one of my favorites, it is probably one of my favorite things when I am trying to sign up for things. With all of my information saved, I can quickly log in to anything because my information is “autofilled”.
  2. “First-Child”, because as a sports fan, when naming the greatest basketball players to ever play the game, I can highlight Lebron’s name in my list of top 10 players.
  • What are some of the “gotchas”/epiphanies you’ve had for writing efficient CSS? However your heart tells you to.

Over-and-over-and-over-again when trying to troubleshoot code, right in the middle of it all is a missing semi-colon, and that just happens to fix all of my code. (LOL)It makes me laugh every time!



Full Stack Developer #JavaScript

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