Project Brief

Savvo Digital Sommelier has wine kiosks at select retail stores in the Greater Chicago area. Originally, the kiosk was placed by the wine aisle to help users browse through wine selections. Later on, pairings with cheese and meats were integrated into the selection process, and the kiosk was placed in the Cheese section. Savvo have been approached by a new client, Cooper’s Hawk Restaurant and Winery.


User interviews, Competitive analysis, Customer journey map, Personas, User flow, Use cases, User testing, Visual competitive analysis, Moodboard, Style tiles, Paper prototype, Mid-fi (Axure) wireframe, Marvel prototype, Roadmap, Sketch files

The Challenge

To seamlessly incorporate and…

eRetirements is a website that helps retirees and those planning for retirement to choosing the best city to relocate. The website uses a quiz format to help match users to their ideal city. I’m going to talk through my team’s design process in helping eRetirements revamp their website, more specifically their quiz feature.

The Challenge:

How can eRetirements provide resources for users to not only onboard but revisit the site throughout their retirement planning process and involve their communities?


Being new to the market of the retirees and retirement planning, we first looked at competitors. The analysis shows that there were not…

Cara Liu

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