[UX Case Study] Savvo Digital Sommelier: A study in user research and contextual inquiry.

Project Brief


The Challenge


Current Product

Left: the current kiosk prototype our client is working with. It is about 6' feet tall with an angled kiosk screen and a digital display on top. Right: our team testing the interface for the first time.

Competitive Analysis

(left) Interface Analysis: we used the matrix scales of simplicity and amount of information on screen because it was the two factors that either made the kiosk helpful to the users and increased wine sales or have since been removed from these stores. (right) Physical Kiosk Analysis: we also analyzed the physical kiosk itself and whether they are approachable and if users/customers know what the kiosk does by looking at it.
The information shown on the matrices are based on actual articles on the implementation of the kiosks. This is so we have a big picture view of the market competitors in detail. Some unknown factors, such as whether the kiosk is still in use, was assumed based on the date of last press in regards to to kiosk.

Heuristic Analysis

Cooper’s Hawk Contextual Inquiry

  • 25 locations nationwide
  • Largest wine club membership in the USA with over 200,000 members
  • Projected productions of 300,000 cases of wine per year.


Cooper’s Hawk & Client Needs

Meeting with Cooper’s Hawk’s Chief of Retail Operations


Narrowing the Scope

  • Alleviate the strain on the wine attendants
  • Add value to the customer’s experience
  • Entertain while they wait for their tastings

Design Principles


Concept Test



Final Thoughts

“Wine Wizard is a neat idea. I think we have a great start to creating a product for Cooper’s Hawk.”
- Client



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