No, Free Pride Glasgow did not ban drag queens

No, this is absolutely absurd. The entire community is behind trans (after all, the T has been part of the acronym since forever), but not if it’s going to come at the expense of everyone else’s identity. Don’t look for a bogeyman where there is none. There is not a drag king or queen on earth that performs because they are having a dig at the opposite gender or trans people in general. They perform because they enjoy it. What they *might* do is put on a satirical performance about a character or star that they admire, but they do NOT do this because they are somehow bigoted against trans people or because they are enjoying some imagined cis male privilege (really?)

I just cannot believe that such a time-honored tradition of the LGBT culture has been stopped without a reason that actually makes sense, like the drag queens were starting riots or something. Enough is enough. We can’t fight among ourselves like this. It’s going to backfire and we’ve enough to worry about fighting for acceptance from the world at large. There’s a lot more to the LGBT than just the T.