11/7/18 Media Reflection

With the election have just happened, I wanted to read politically charged articles. More specifically, I wanted to look into climate change. Climate change is a surprisingly big debate in the United States, so I assumed there would be a lot of literature on both sides (reliable, maybe not, but at least something). To my surprise, there were very few easily obtainable articles against climate change (for how many opposers and political elite that feel it is exaggerated). Nevertheless, I came across a very interesting article against climate change. The article is published on the website “Investors Business Daily” (https://www.investors.com/politics/global-warming-hoax-climate-change-facts/). I have never heard of this media outlet before (which is not a great sign) and investors and businesses are some of the biggest opposers to climate change because many feel the economy is a higher priority than the environment. This led me to feel weary about the quality of media even before reading the article. After reading, I found that my initial impressions were not far off and this article was not a good use of media. The only argument in this article is that “ a growing contingent of scientists and economists call into question the climate change dogma, saying that the temperature data show no clear recent warming and noting that the benefits of global warming, if it existed, might be greater than the costs.” This claim is so preposterous. The author does not cite even one scientist throughout the article and uses no facts or statistics. This article strictly uses large opinionated claims with no evidence. The argument is so weak and is not a good use of media. It is spreading unsupported opinions like they are facts. This is a textbook case of bad use of media.

In contrast, I came across an article about climate change published by the National Geographic (https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/global-warming/global-warming-real/). Without even opening the link, I felt better about the content I was going to read because the National Geographic is a well known, highly regarded, source that uses many facts and has the purpose to spread facts. This article is not only reliable, it uses facts, statistics, graphs, and cites other scientists. Furthermore, it addressed the other side of the argument. For instance, in the Investors Business Daily article, it makes a claim saying that the earth’s has not heated up in recent years. The National Geographic addresses this common misconception showing how much the temperature has increased even in just the last 10 years. In addition, the article does so in a manner that is rational and logical and respectful of others as well. It does not just simply attack the argument with no reason or respect. Hence, the National Geographic’s article about climate change is a good use of media.