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If you’re reading this, then you’re probably looking for an internship for this summer. Maybe you had one lined up and it fell through, or where you’ll be situated for the summer changed, or you procrastinated. Don’t fret. People that want interns also procrastinate. Here’s a list of internship opportunities for this summer that still appear open. Apply today!

New York City

  • Empatico is looking for an engineering intern. Email James ( to apply.
  • Glossier needs interns to help with everything from copywriting to data science to project management. And they just moved into a swanky new office! 💄
  • Skillshare is looking for interns to help product design and product management. …

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Welcome to #InternedUp 2018.

This is a list of internships that I find interesting. I add to it a few times each month and I focus on highlighting opportunities that are paid. Email if you have an opportunity that you’d like listed here.

January 2018

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wwe/720 illustrations

Nothing keeps fans hooked on a WWE storyline like a good rivalry. Will you ever forget Stone Cold visiting Vince McMahon in the hospital and knocking him senseless with a bedpan? Or how about when Triple H stole Test’s bride-to-be and made off to Vegas with the boss’ daughter? Classic.

As epic as those feuds were, 2016 introduced us to a WWE rivalry unlike any other, one that was a true test of strength for the athletes and originality for the WWE. Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair gave us nothing but epic performances in 2016. They brought us many wrestling firsts and are paving the way for a new era in wrestling. …

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August 2017

May 2017

April 2017

  • Book of the Month Club is looking for a Content Marketing intern in NYC.
  • Airtime is hiring a summer Marketing intern in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Casper has summer internship opportunities across verticals like social media, Digital Production, Graphic Design, Customer Experience, and more. The opportunities are spread across NYC, Berlin, and San Francisco.
  • Cards Against Humanity is looking for summer interns to join their Customer Service team in Chicago. …

I’ve been writing at Kickstarter for three years and four months now. My first role was on the Support team, where I responded to people who wrote in via email. Then I did product copywriting for a few years. I wrote dozens of emails, supported the launch of product improvements on the site, added new FAQ entries to our Help Center, helped rebrand Kickstarter School as the Creator Handbook, then a year later, helped rewrite the Creator Handbook. I’ve blogged about Campus, posted questions on Campus, responded to questions on Campus, and have even started moonlighting on Quora.

What have I learned after writing all of these things?

If you work in support, or have ever called or emailed a support team, you know first-hand that a lot of these interactions can feel similar. But what about the ones that stand out? Like that time when a customer called your manager to leave a compliment on how you handled their request. Or imagine stopping by your laundromat to pick up your clothes to find out they’ve gone missing. What about a time when a customer was someone you really related to on a personal level, and perhaps you even became friends?

I asked a few of my friends and colleagues what support experiences stood out in their minds. Some shared interactions that they themselves handled, and a few are stories of their experience as a customer. Here’s what they…

A few weeks ago, I read Lulu Cheng’s post on the technical clout needed to “level up” as a product manager and Merci Victoria Grace’s post calling out to women in product.

Both of these messages reminded me that I know quite a few people that have moved into (and out of) product roles. I asked them if they wouldn’t mind sharing a few sentences of wisdom to anyone considering taking on a product role. Here’s what they said:

Listen — Working on a product, new or old, requires a holistic understanding of every piece involved. When first entering a product organization, before you identify one single requirement, the most strategic thing you can do is listen, learn, and understand as much as you can about its history and inner-workings. Take your time with this process. …

Knowing your limits is tough, learning from them is tougher.

At this time, about two years ago, I was taking the biggest leap of faith that I have ever embarked on. The medications that I took to combat my SLE seemed to be failing, and I knew that it was time for a change. Interestingly enough, this change wasn’t prompted by a physical plateau, but instead by a feeling of intense emotional defeat.

I had spent most of 2011 and early 2012 in a tumultuous Lupus flare. This thing had it out for me. My daily breakfast consisted of a cellcept, prednisione, plaquenil and lasix cocktail. I knew many people on these medicines, and very few people that were happy with their “benefits” and side effects. Despite this regimen, I still had a malar rash, noticeable edema, proteinuria and fatigue. Lupus had beaten me into submission and I did not know how to break the hold. …


Carol Ann Benovic

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