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Nowadays, A variety of fashion brands are beginning to build their online store or enter the online multiple brand store. Everlane is a fashion brand which is very successful in fashion by acting like a tech company. Everlane uses the online store instead of the real store, and Everlane only has online clothing store. At first, a lot of people could not support this way, but Michael Preysman insisted that. Now, Everlane’s development is really good.

The world moves so quickly, the technology also moves quickly. For customers, online shopping is really convenient, cool and fast. Go shopping is good experience, because you can try clothes by yourself, and you can touch and feel those fabrics. However, shopping mall is crowd and bustle, it is not well experience for some people. You will meet these conditions, you wait in a long line for trying a dress; you take long time and wait in line to check out you clothing; you can not find a right size in store; the sales so busy that they do not serve you, and so on. The online shopping is better than shopping in store, because you can find everything you want, and you do not need to walk. The most important is you can receive the clothing very fast. For example, Everlane recently launched a program with the app Postmates where you can get your new T-shirt delivered to your doorstep faster than a pizza. [1] The technology is the key for online-only clothing label, and it is also a challenge. If the technology can work, the online store will have the unprecedented success.

A lot of high-end fashion brands want to enter the online store. One hand, internet is a really big market, and a lot of fashion brands want to improve sales performance. Such as MiuMiu, Givenchy, Gucci and, etc. They not only have online store, and they also enter the online multiple brand store. On the other hand, some high-end fashion brand only have their own online store, such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton. They do not want to make their brand become a normal brand, so they still consist on refusing to enter the multiple fashion store. Minority brands, such as Chrome Heart, Goyard, Moynat. They never open the online store to sell product, because they prefer to the traditional operation pattern and the traditional commercial rule. And this style make them very untouchables and high-ranking. If you shop product in store, you will have the different feeling and special shopping experience. So that you can get their fashion culture deeply. I have no idea about their future, obviously they also need to develop.

All in all, modern marketing social channels have built, online store systems are developing rapidly. Technology fashion is changing fast. Online shopping will be more and more better.

[1] How Everlane Succeeded in Fashion by Acting Like a Tech Company, October 15, 2014 2:19 PM, by Kristin Tice Studeman

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