Nike Innovative Technology

With people are paying more and more attention to athleticism, health and fitness, go outside, walk around and go jog is all using foot. Distinctly, footwear needs something different, so Nike has a cool change.

The sport brand Nike is so smart that it always desire to innovate and experiment. Nike has great designer, latest technology and advanced equipment, so it uses new fabrics, new fibers and new textile technology in footwear. For example, Nike Flyknit technology means reduce weight and creat a feeling for people that the shoes just your foot skin. Undoubtedly, fabrics and fibers are very important, they need tough and light. Nike uses the Flyknit material to reduce the weight of the footwear, and this material can reduce waste, because it does not use traditional multiple materials. I think Flyknit material is environment friendly fiber and Eco-friendly fabric. The way that environmentally sustainable is too significant to ignore. A lot of brand is use product recycling and reusing, such as USA brand American Apparel. AA recycles the old cotton cloth and makes new fiber for new garments. No Environmental protection, no fashion. Clever Nike knows that, so it not only create best fitting running shoes, but also care about environment. Nike is successful and great.

About new fiber and fabric, I think I have to learn more to understand. I cannot just know a new product without the technology. That is empty and no real meaning.

All in all, the innovative Products and technology is good for our life. I have faith in the future. Fashion never stop, and innovation never stop. Hope a better tomorrow.
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