How come Car Audio Equipment So Expensive?

Can anyone inform me why car audio equipment is so expensive? The stereo inside my two-year old car eradicated a few weeks ago and i also happen to be quoted an expense of $1500 from my dealer for a replacement. Consequently, I have began to seek out car audio equipment online, that we can purchase and retrofit to my own, personal car and maybe low cost. However, most of the auto audio supplies online will also be expensive.

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I have no problem paying for quality products, but will a car stereo really cost $2000? We are also looking to get a subwoofer and two additional speakers, however, many in the prices listed seem quite high. Does anyone determine if buying second-hand audio equipment for a vehicle may be beneficial? I have looked over a few listings on eBay for car stereos along with the prices are a bit more affordable, but obviously second-hand equipment will not come with any type of guarantee, right? Also, can anyone recommend an excellent car audio equipment supplier? Ideally I’m searching for an online supplier, when i live in a province , nor like to travel much.

car audio Austin

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