Vectors v.s. Borders

Mckenzie Wark’s A Hacker’s Manifesto is confusing to say the least. Therefore, I watched his lecture at the Center for Design and Geopolitics to better understand his opinion or wording, to be more exact. I found it difficult to see the ties between the speech and his book. After researching the book, to try and find other opinions on the matter, I found none. What I can only interpret is that he is speaking about the encompassing growth and connectivity that has promoted communication, but also quantified and comodified it — by the internet. It is because of the sheer amount of information we - as a human civilisation- contribute and publicise on the internet, we have opened ourselves up to its inevitable monetary gain. I do agree on his stance, if what I believe to be his point, proves correct. The expansion of communication means that there is cause to break up and understand what this new expansion of communication is. A piece of information (like an article on the web), that is archived and stored, “and maintained through time”(Wark, M 2004) is a stock of information. A flow of information is to take tidbits of this stock and and mass share it, those two points combined make Vectoral information.

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