Hot Links: Intel takes the wheel, John Oliver crashes FCC site, nuggets win Twitter, Apple most valuable company ever

The hotness in tech this week.

Intel opens autonomous car garage to get ‘Intel Inside’ the cars of tomorrow

Intel is looking to be the leading chip company for autonomous driving, as cars become more like computers.

Intel opened a new Autonomous Driving Garage in San Jose this week, in a bid to position itself as a valuable partner in the autonomous driving space for any OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in the region. The chipmaker’s driverless business is relatively young, but clearly on the attack. In March, Intel bought Israel-based MobileEye, a leader in cameras for semi-autonomous vehicles, for over $15 billion.

>>Inside Intel’s new Autonomous Driving Garage — TechCrunch

Did John Oliver’s call to action cause the FCC’s website to crash?

John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight, sounded the alarm bells on Sunday over net neutrality. HBO viewers were urged to write the FCC’s comments site in protest of Chairman Ajit Pai’s proposal to eliminate the current net neutrality rules. The website crashed under the traffic. However, the FCC issued a statement yesterday attributing the downtime to DDoS attacks, without mentioning the influx of comments caused by Oliver’s show.

>>After net neutrality comment system fails, senators demand answers — Ars Technica

Chicken nuggets have broken the retweet record, take that DeGeneres’ selfie!

The nuggies that won Twitter.

You might remember when Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscars selfie (which was really a Samsung promo) broke the retweet record (and you’d know this because it was an expensive marketing campaign that bought itself momentum). So what could top that? Another marketing campaign of course! But this one is for #nuggsforcarter, and Wendy’s is the brand. A heavy corporate push has led an innocent campaign to get one high-schooler free nuggets for a year into a viral storm of activity. Tasty and clever marketing.

>>A hunger for chicken nuggets broke Twitter’s retweet record — Engadget

Apple is worth $800 billion dollars, what have you done with your life?

Apple has become the first company in history to be valued at a whopping $800 billion dollars, which fyi, is about half the nominal annual GDP of Canada. The iPhone maker’s shares have gained 33% this year and almost 50% since the US election in November. Shares closed at $153.99 on Tuesday. If Apple continues on its growth path, the company’s market cap — the total value of all its shares added together — will top $1 trillion later this year.

>>Apple becomes first company worth $800bn — The Guardian

Oh Snap.

The largest IPO since Facebook in 2012, Snap Inc., was a relative success in March, but at the release of its first quarterly earnings report on Wednesday, the stock tanked 23 percent and has only recovered modestly. Why? Because the company reported 2.2 billion dollars in losses. This echoes similar loses Facebook and Twitter experienced when their first financial report cards came out. But how do you lose more than 2 billion dollars in three months? By paying out $2 billion in stock to your employees. Makes you wonder: Is this type of IPO the new ‘successful exit?’

>>Snap shares plummet as investors mark down first earnings report — Yahoo Finance

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