Arne — Looking back on Myanmar February 2017

In February 2017 The Caravan’s Journal organised a storytelling trip to Myanmar, where participants joined masterclasses about storytelling and how local professionals use stories to talk about social and political issues. Participants also worked on their own project about the area and one of them was Arne, a Belgian student in Journalism. Here is his testimony of what he experienced in the two weeks he was with us.

How do you feel about your experience of going to Myanmar with The Caravan’s Journal?

“The Caravan’s Journal gave us an excuse to be creative. It gave us the opportunity to do stuff that would otherwise be beyond our reach. It provided us with a group of like-minded people who supported us and who we could support. And all this in a truly awesome place.”

What would you recommend to participants on the next trip?

“I would recommend to plan ahead if possible. Search for contacts, learn as much as you can before you get there, so you don’t lose time researching once you’re there. And just go for it, give it your all, because it’s really the perfect place to do so. But if you find yourself arriving on location without a plan, don’t worry either. Keep your eyes and ears open. Stories can be discovered wherever you walk.”

If you have to choose one image you took to represent your Myanmar experience, what would it be and why?

“The picture I included is one I made of Y.A.K. Me and Jonathan worked on a video series on music in Myanmar, called ‘Songs of Change’. Y.A.K. is the first female rap duo in Myanmar. They produce strong, political music and aren’t afraid to say what they think is right. They are who they are. Despite opposition. I photographed all of the musicians we interviewed, trying to make a portrait that revealed who these persons were. This is my favourite by far.”

“Keep your eyes and ears open. Stories can be discovered wherever you walk.”

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