Faye — Looking back on Myanmar February 2017

In February 2017 The Caravan’s Journal organised a storytelling trip to Myanmar, where participants joined masterclasses about storytelling and how local professionals use stories to talk about social and political issues. Participants also worked on their own project about the area and one of them was Faye, a communications officer at the Belgian NGO Trias. Here is her testimony of what she experienced in the two weeks she was with us.

What was the best part of going to Myanmar with The Caravan’s Journal for you?

“The most awesome part were the few days we travelled to Inle lake. For me this was the time I learned the most about myself as well as working as a journalist abroad (and all its complications). It was also the place where the group really bonded together. And the view on the lake was incredible.”

What would you recommend to participants on the next trip?

“I joined this trip to learn and that is what I did on multiple levels. Go and join the Caravan because it is an experience you will never forget. Prepare your trip but be realistic in what you want to achieve in such a short time. Experience every little thing and learn from each experience and from each other.”

If you have to choose one image you took to represent your Myanmar experience, what would it be and why?

“I chose these pictures because they both represent an incredible experience.

The first one I took during the first days in Yangon. The houses in Yangon are very special, they are very old but have a certain charm. We were intrigued about these buildings and what happens behind those doors. So we asked a random guy in the street to go and see one of those flats and apparently he was the owner of one of the buildings. We were invited by a family into their home. They were so friendly and were proud that they could show us their home. They lived in poverty and it was kind of a shock to see but their kindness is the thing I will remember forever.

The second picture I took at Inle Lake. We headed there for the sunset and to see the fishermen on the lake. Lots of those fishermen are more like models for tourists than that they actually do some fishing. As we were heading back, we passed a true fisherman in his boat and my lens caught his eye (or was it vice versa). It is my favorite picture of the journey because it reminds me of the beauty of the lake and there I realized I am not that bad at taking pictures.”

“For me this was the time I learned the most about myself as well as working as a journalist abroad”

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