Jonathan — Looking back on Myanmar February 2017

In February 2017 The Caravan’s Journal organised a storytelling trip to Myanmar, where participants joined masterclasses about storytelling and how local professionals use stories to talk about social and political issues. Participants also worked on their own project about the area and one of them was Jonathan, a Belgian digital storyteller, videographer and radio editor at the Flemish Public Broadcaster. Here is his testimony of what he experienced in the two weeks he was with us.

What do you feel was the best part of your experience of going to Myanmar with The Caravan’s Journal?

“That’s very easy: just being together with all those interesting people in such a nice country like Myanmar. All the participants have very intriguing personalities. Everyone is so enthusiastic and happy during the trip, I never saw something like that before. Officially, you are only together for 10 days, but afterwards it felt like you were only there for 4 or 5 days, it goes by too fast. The combination of making your own project, helping each other out, following the lectures, having a drink at the bar of our hostel… It’s really wonderful and very inspiring. When I got back in Belgium, I really had some homesickness… to Myanmar. It took me five days to get over it!”

What would you recommend to participants on the next trip?

“If you are able to make time and you have the willingness to join The Caravan’s Journal, just do it. Don’t hesitate, you won’t regret the decision. Originally, I wouldn’t have joined TCJ because I wasn’t aware the organisation would make a trip to Yangon. But my friend Arne told me that he would like to sign up but he wasn’t sure yet. And I said: “Hey, f*ck it all. I’ll go with you.” A sentence I’ll never feel sorry about.”

If you have to choose one image you took to represent your Myanmar experience, what would it be and why?

“The picture has nothing to do with the stories we made in Yangon and Nyaung Schwe. It was just a leisure trip with the group on Inle Lake, but it shows that there won’t be a moment you’ll get bored on a trip with TCJ.”

“I said: “F*ck it all. I’ll go.” A sentence I’ll never feel sorry about.”

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