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For my digital story final, I am going to go with Option 1: College, Self, & Community. Specifically, I am going to work with option 2 (within option 1) which is to develop several different materials that represent my evolving identity, values, strengths, and academic professional interests in my first year of college. I chose to do this option because, as a first year college student and also the first person to go to a college or university in my family, I am interested in seeing how my experiences compare to those in other socio-cultural backgrounds. Being a Mexican immigrant and also the oldest grandchild, school was difficult for me because I wasn’t able to get any help from my family. My parents both went to school in Mexico, which is taught differently than it is in the USA and I didn’t have any older cousins or relatives to look up to that could assist me. Even now, being a student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, I have to learn the ropes on my own and deal with things that are thrown my way. As said before, I am a first generation college student, which is a huge milestone for my family, but at the same time can be extremely hard. For my digital story final, I plan on gathering information for my digital story by talking to people of various backgrounds and cultures and interviewing them. I want to get to know these people’s stories and what their lives were like growing up — not just revolving around education, but as a whole. I am excited to see the contrast between my life and theirs. Some questions I could ask could be things like: Where are you from? Where did you grow up? Where are your parents from? Do you have any siblings, and if so — how many? What was school like for you while you were growing up? How do you think your culture/ethnicity/race has impacted your life and how others see you? These are just a few (rough ideas) of the questions I would be interested in learning about. I’m sure the answers will very from person to person which is what I am most interested about. Everyone comes from a different place and even the little things they did in life affect who they are now. It’s these differences that help shape a person into who they become. This is also one of the reasons I want to study psychology. I find it intriguing how typically subtle changes in one’s history cause them to see the world in an entirely new way than the next person. Overall, I am excited to see what comes out of this project and to learn about the lives of people in separate socio-cultural backgrounds than mine.

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