Nifty Melon Carver

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This is the coolest thing ever!

Check out this nifty carving set I just got in the mail!

I love the fact that the different carving tools stack together which helps with easy storage. The bright colors are also a fun addition to my kitchen gadgets.

The box came with instructions on how to use. I tested this out on watermelon and was very impressed at the ease of cutting/carving. This set can be used for coring and serving fruits and vegetables. This product is great for gifts or for every day uses.

Here is what I made

JUST KIDDING! I am not that talented. Instead this is what I did:

Not as impressive but let me tell you it was simple to create!

The melon baller is great to use and then dip the melon in chocolate. I made these instead of cake balls for a party and everyone loved them.

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

You can purchase this coring set at:


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