The Beautiful Game

The annual day games have started for the year .And I was in my department’s football team for the third year in a row.

The year before we lost to Mechanical guys in finals. Those guys were a strong team. They were the winners for the past five years.

This year we had to beat them to win it. They were always the favorites.

In our department, there were only 4 to 5 guys including myself who could play the game in a proper manner. But we had to assemble a team of 11 which was very difficult. the year before we had our seniors who would play with us. But this time, it was only us and our juniors. Finally, we assembled a team.

Most of them didn’t even know the basics of the game. We could train them only for a day, as there was very little time.

The draws were placed and we had to play CSE guys in a knockout game. Pavel and I decided all the roles in the game. Pavel would play as a striker, where he is just terrific. I had to play in a deep-lying midfield role as our defense was very vulnerable.

The game started and we scored in the first half. Then we dropped back and continued to defend and won the game 1–0.

Now, we progressed to the finals. Mechanical guys were our opponents. This was the only chance for us to beat them as they were missing a key midfielder.

The game started and it was played very defensively. We literally parked the bus and so did they. It ended 0–0 and progressed to penalties.

Pavel decided to be the goalkeeper. He was short but he was confident.

The first guy from mechanical team stepped up and buried the penalty shot. 1–0

It was Pavel’s turn now. Scored 1–1.

Mechanical penalty: Saved by Pavel dived right and deflected the ball…!!!!. 1–1

I stepped up. I Was a little nervous. I stayed cool and did a Panenka.!! Right through the middle..!! 1–2.

The next three penalties were scored. It was 4–4.

It came down to the last one. Pavel and I had a chat with Nick who was going to take this one.

“ Look, he will dive to his right this time. Because the last two we scored was to the left.And also he is right-handed”, Pavel said.

“Run towards his right, so that he will assume you are left-footed. Then score with the outside of your right foot. Just bury it in the right corner.”, I said.

The ball was placed. Nick ran as we planned and hit it with his right foot..!!

The sweet sound of the ball hitting the right post..!!

And In..!!!!

That’s it. 4–5.

Mechanical guys lost their title after five years.

We had one shot at winning it, and we did it..!!

No one expected us to win it.

We played dirty, but we won handsomely.

That’s why we call it “The beautiful game”.