Carblox Will Revolutionize the Automobile Industry

Oct 31, 2017 · 3 min read

How do you envision a blockchain-based platform and a digital ecosystem that holds a database where virtually all the digital information of a vehicle is stored in detail? Well, you may just have come late to the party if you are still thinking about this idea because the Carblox platform has already started this revolutionary wildfire that will add immense value to the automotive industry.

The Carblox platform has envisioned the need for vehicles to have a digital database or “twin” where all the vital information and complete history of any vehicle can be accessed. Information like;

· Information about the Car mode, engine size, etc.

· The maintenance history of the vehicle

· The current characteristics of the vehicle (Car Model, Fuel Consumption etc.)

· Diagnostic history and results

· History of all repairs and replacement of parts

· Information about the owner(s) of the vehicle

· Vehicle accident history

· Insurance history amongst others

Details of the vehicle like the ones listed above are what basically powers and drive the Digital Ecosystem — the kind of platform that Carblox are aiming to develop.

Trust is of course very key to any system that would entail users having to submit their personal information. To that effect, Carblox has deployed modern and decentralized technologies to aid effective storage and handling of information on the platform. This system is built on a distributed file system (IPFS) and blockchain (Ethereum based). The ease of access and information transparency will ensure that there is a feeling of mutual trust between all the members in this digital ecosystem, in addition to the authenticity of any information received from the platform.

This unique Carblox system is powered by blockchain. The Carblox token (CRX) is an ERC2O-compatible token issued on the basis of the Ethereum platform. This decentralization, anonymity and security of the smart contracts that are supported by Ethereum will be used to ensure that information provided on the platform are authentic.

The Carblox ecosystem will provide a range of vehicle information for mainly 2 broad categories of users: users who register their vehicle information on the platform and the participants who seek information about a vehicle from the platform.

Information for the carblox registry will be greatly enriched by the various sources like car manufacturers, Car service stations, State vehicle registration authorities, authorized road vehicle regulation authorities amongst others. Any information entered by either of these parties listed above will further increase the information on the platform’s database.

Seeing as the current automotive industry is hungry for change and just cannot afford to not move on, members would realize soon enough that data and information play a large role in the bigger picture and once they realize that better services can be offered on the back of this data, they will be very receptive to the idea. Thus, the need for a digital platform that would securely house and provide this safe haven for vehicle data and information would be welcomed with great pleasure.

Carblox is a digital vehicle eco platform that will greatly change the general perception towards how we view our vehicles. The idea that a vehicle can only be valued solely on its hardware is slowly becoming a myth. A platform that will ensure that users entering accurate information about their vehicle is to their own advantage and to the benefit of everybody on the digital ecosystem at large.


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