3. Adaptive UI (Dynamic Text)
The Design Tools We Really Need
Micah Sivitz

Before Sketch, I was using InDesign specifically to handle any changes made to the arrangement and layout structure of elements and components.

To handle changes made to Elements, InDesign had a built in feature for Text Frame Options. Here, you could set Inset Spacing/Padding, vertical justification, autosizing, setting min and max heights/widths, control which direction the element will grow, and control line breaks.

The real power of InDesign is within in its Table feature. I began to design layouts in tables similar to the old fashion html style. This was great because if any content was added or removed all the elements inside the table would move accordingly.

Distribute spacing also played a key role in this issue. I was able to select all of my components with build in margins and distribute the space to “0” All the components would stack and readjust according. I have found a plugin for sketch which has been super helpful. https://github.com/PEZ/SketchDistributor

I really think we need a stronger tool that shares the same logic and attributes as HTML/CSS and the environment in which that design will live in.

Once we can do that, we can start to bridge the gap that exists between designers and engineers.

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