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The Carboneum project aims to ease the investment experience for traditional investors. We have launched the crypto analytic and social trading platform for cryptocurrency named “CarbonRadars”. With CarbonRadars, users can copytrade expert traders on centralized and decentralized exchanges by using a Carboneum token as a fee when the profit trade occurs. Unfortunately, the crypto market has not expanded after the launch that much. To be more specific, the number of active users in decentralized exchange is very low. Only 733 daily active users are trading on IDEX (as of August 2020). Moreover, the complex use case of…

Let’s recap …

For years since we’ve launched the project, we would like to recap you about what and how we are developing the project so far. Carboneum is an open protocol, with a decentralized platform for social trading & analytics for Cryptocurrency named CarbonRadars, and its own utility token (C8) that is used for encouraging people to help each other to succeed in their investment. Our goal is to level the playing field and democratize investment for everyone. Also, we aim to alleviate the gap between new investors and pro investors by making our platform as simple as we can. Basically, CarbonRadars…

After we’ve updated our latest version of CarbonRadars, Social trading & analytics platform for cryptocurrency.

Before we start, there some things you need to prepare.

  1. Ethereum Wallet (e.g. Metamask, MyEtherWallet, Toshi Wallet, Imtoken or Trust wallet)
    *Make sure you have some Ethers and C8 in this Wallet to pay for Carboneum fee, you can either buy or sell C8 tokens at IDEX exchange for now*
  2. Funds in your Binance Account*
    You might be curious, “What coin should I deposit?”, We suggest to have a look at Radar first, then click into Leader balance you will see the main coin in their…

During Crypto-winter time sine 2018, most of the traders are keep surviving by spending lots of time on the trading strategy to save their funds.
If you are an experienced trader, you could survive this time easily but others don’t.

So the question is

What is the easiest way to escape from this Trade War?



Among several methods, Copytrading is one of the best answers to choose.

Copytrading allows you to copy the same trades that pro investors do, at almost precisely the same time.

From the last update of CarbonRadars Version 2.0, Copytrading can only follow…

Hello C8ers !

In 19th JUNE 2019 at Centara Grand, Bangkok. Carboneum is invited to TECHSAUCE GLOBAL SUMMIT 2019 a diverse cultural festival that goes beyond tech into music and fashion. Mix with communities such as social entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, filmmakers, athletes, LGBTQ and more!

Meet and Chat with Carboneum team

We’re at booth No. SA-02 come to talk with us about our project “CarbonRadars” that will have an updated version 3.0 before the end of this June 2019, chit-chat about crypto market and blockchain technology. Also, we have an Airdrop for you guys in limited numbers. :)

See you all there!!!


Trade Master Radars is the Most Powerful Radars in CarbonRadars App😘

Shows the most profitable trader wallets from the last 30 days from IDEX or 0x exchange. By identifying traders with outperforming wallets, you can confidently follow their trades, and take advice from the best without extensive knowledge or reading required!

You’ll also get historical data for these wallets, so you know if you’re looking at a one-time lucky accident, or a trader with a long track-record of success.

Download NOW at

Crypto trading and investing seem to be as prevalent as stock trading and investing. Crypto investments and trading have become one of the most popular instruments to park the investors’ money after the recent advancements in blockchain technology and wide acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Though, the issues associated with current crypto trading and investing framework and little or no knowledge of crypto asset management are two of the most crucial factors that prevent the traders from jump into it. However, the number of mobile apps and web apps are currently in the development stage that offers a convenient, reliable and safe…

CarbonRadars, the cryptocurrency app that makes investing easy for everyone, is available now.

Most cryptocurrency apps are difficult to use, and require a lot of technical knowledge. But we believe that with a little motivation, anyone can understand and trade cryptocurrency.

We’re happy to announce that CarbonRadars, the new app for iOS and Android makes that possible.

Our first goal building CarbonRadars is to democratize investing by making it easy for anyone to trade with the same powerful tools that experts use.

Previously, it’s been difficult to get reliable information about the crypto markets, and exchanges haven’t made it easier…

Meet Carboneum at Money 20/20 China this 14–16 November!! Use “MPDLCbm250” code to get USD250 discount for the ticket at

Money20/20 China is the newest addition to the Money20/20 global portfolio of destination events. Here, the industry’s smartest leaders, visionaries and influencers come together to shape the next generation of financial innovations. Money20/20 was launched in China in response to strong demand from Chinese companies with domestic and international growth plans, and global companies seeking expansion across China. Most events in China are run by Chinese businesses and driven by domestic concerns. What makes this event unique is that, as a global brand, Money20/20 brings a global perspective and attract a global audience. Because together build a stronger future.

See you all there!!!

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