Carbon Design Reveal and Great New Token Benefits

5 min readDec 12, 2023

Hey Carbonians!

It’s time to reveal the new design for the Carbon platform we’re building right now. On top of that, we have some great news for token holders, adding insane potential for our loyal holders.

First up, the design. It’s not terribly dissimilar to the previous platform, but it’s cleaner, more streamlined, and most of all includes some awesome new features that really bring the whole thing together. Previously the social side of things felt quite disconnected to the crypto and gaming focus. This time, all the various sections are speaking to each other, creating a more complete and rewarding experience.

In the above image you may notice some new features in the sidebars (or in the “discover” section on mobile). We have a more developed “what’s happening” section giving all the best recent activity. We have suggestions on who to follow, based on topics and other users you love. We also have “Projects + Airdrops” but more about that later in the article ;)

The Carbon Play section (the games) will be more integrated into your experience. We can’t reveal much about the games just yet, honestly we are still working through some unique new concepts.

As well as all this, Carbonian NFT holders can use their NFTs as profile images, with the official badge on top so they can’t be faked. We also have other profile badges to show you do own a Carbonian, and for other milestones such as 1,000 upvotes, #1 post and more.

And it looks cool on mobile too! The sidebars on desktop that don’t fit on mobile are in a new section called “Discover”. This is separate to notifications, but is more of an activity feed and shows you what’s going on right now on Carbon.

Whether you love light mode or dark, Carbon looks great and will have a really nice flow and user experience design. Easy to check notifications, send messages, check your crypto portfolio and more.

The new Carbon platform is due for alpha release in Q2, 2024.

New Major Token Benefits, Utilities and Features

So you thought we were only building a social platform? You thought $CARBON could only be used for tipping users and playing some games? Or maybe entering some raffles?

That’s cool and all, as an in-app currency. It probably won’t drive the insane demand for the token that you were hoping for, and that we all deserve.

Carbon will become a kind of social platform meets launchpad. We won’t run token sales or get involved with vesting or staking or anything else that everyone else already offers, but we will do something better (for you).

When we onboard new crypto teams, with new projects either about to run a token sale or established projects with existing tokens, we will require them to provide a share of their tokens.

These tokens will be airdropped to Carbon holders and app users, proportionate to their holdings.

For example, a project called Meerkat has a token called $MRKT. They send Carbon 1% of their supply in exchange for our services. We share that 1% among Carbon users, including you. We automatically airdrop it to your connected wallet. You don’t need to do anything, just sit back and watch the new tokens from the latest, greatest projects flow into your wallet. Some of them will turn out to be absolute garbage, undoubtedly. But what if you get the next SHIB? The next PEPE? You’d potentially be one of the first recipients, at no cost whatsoever. If you have a lot of $CARBON tokens you’ll get a decent share too.

Example flow of team tokens into Carbon Platform and out to $CARBON holders

The service that the teams are receiving in exchange for some tokens is exposure to all the Carbon users on the platform, plus their own Subtopic (like a Subreddit) and access to an events calendar, plus some other cool features to help them grow their community and gain attention. We know first hand how difficult it is to not be completely invisible as a new project. The value the teams will receive by being on the Carbon platform cannot be overstated, and all it costs them is some allocated tokens.

Here is an example of a team’s Subtopic, showing their latest posts and information.
An example of the Crypto Calendar showing upcoming events.

The Crypto Calendar allows official teams to create events such as a token sale or launch. It adds more exposure to all Carbon users and allows upvotes/downvotes and comments. Only teams can create events.

The teams can also easily hold AMAs on Carbon, and they can appear in the Projects + Airdrops section.

We are currently on the hunt for other launchpads we can refer the teams to for their token sales. This will likely result in some kind of partnership where we can benefit from each other’s existing user base, increasing the users on Carbon.

We are releasing our own meme tokens!

Yes you heard that right. We’re creating a meme token and listing it on PancakeSwap very soon. The best part? It’s a trial run for $CARBON holders to receive a large share of the tokens! Carbon token holders will receive a proportionate share of 50% of the entire supply of the meme tokens. The snapshot will not occur until 2 weeks after the meme tokens are listed on PancakeSwap, to discourage dumping of the meme tokens and also build interest and demand for $CARBON if the meme tokens end up worth anything. It’s really a very cheap experiment that could pay off in a big way. Nothing to lose, really. Stay tuned for more details!

We hope you see the vision we have for Carbon and the obvious benefits to holding Carbon tokens. We will release the exact requirements soon (minimum amount of tokens to hold etc).

$CARBON is now available on PancakeSwap!
Here is the official link:

More big things coming soon, don’t miss out.

Carbon team