CRBN token swap

2 min readNov 27, 2023

Hey Carbonians,

We’ve got some news about the CRBN tokens.

Since CRBN tokens were on 3 networks (ETH, BSC and MATIC) we required some users to use a bridge service. For the very popular BSC network the service was “AnySwap” which later became “MultiChain”. MultiChain has recently closed down and been seized by the Chinese government. You can read about that entire mess here:

3,474,185 CRBN tokens are essentially unable to be swapped back to ERC20. The other major issue is the risk of the highly dubious team at MultiChain being able to mint more CRBN tokens.

In order to completely remove any risk of locked/trapped tokens or any extra minting we have decided to create a new CRBN token and issue a swap.

This time the CRBN tokens will be on the Binance Smart Chain network, no longer Ethereum. BSC has always been heavily used by Carbon users as it is much cheaper, which makes deposits and withdrawals to the Carbon platform easier, quicker and more profitable.

If you hold CRBN tokens on any chain (ETH, BSC or MATIC) you will automatically be airdropped new tokens to your existing personal wallet (e.g MetaMask).

Once the new tokens are issued we will be adding liquidity to PancakeSwap. We will not be using any more token bridges as they are a massive security risk and allow too much freedom and access to potential bad actors (as we’ve seen countless times now). We’ll stick with BSC tokens as standard, for all purposes.

To receive your new tokens:

We’ll take a snapshot at 10am UTC on Wednesday 6th December and then airdrop the new BSC tokens to your designated wallets a few days later.

If you would like your tokens to be airdropped into a different wallet, that is possible but you’ll need to contact us privately and prove ownership of your current tokens (we have a method for this).

For now, you don’t need to do anything other than maybe withdrawing any CRBN from exchanges, back into a MetaMask wallet, ready for the claim. Exchange wallets will not be supported.

Apologies for any hassle, but it is certainly the best decision to remove any potential power from the wrong hands.

Feel free to ask any questions in our Telegram at

We’re looking forward to announcing big things very soon, including more info about what Carbon 2.0 will be.


Carbon Team