Bringing The Era Of Dealerships To An End

Let’s face it walking into a used car dealership is like playing Russian Roulette, you won’t be holding a gun to your head you’ll be holding a wad of cash and the trigger mechanism to release the grip on your cash is almost always a pushy used car sales man wearing a $70 dollar suit and shiny, plastic shoes. Visiting a used car dealership is not too dissimilar to a Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western the long walk, the vacant expressionless look, the suspicious characters looking back at you and then suddenly and without warning the dramatic finale.”

“You won’t hear any gun fire in a used car dealership there is an equivalence… well meaning platitudes, rounds of platitudes fired at rapid pace. What if you could avoid all of that used car dealership interaction and go straight to the source of the car deal hassle free?

Carcela might be the junction where you can head in the right direction and you will not require a Sat/Nav to get there because Carcela will do everything for you. Hold on… what is Carcela?”

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