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Org charts are based on a simple data : hierarchical link.

So we made it simple to add and edit this link. Here is a video which show of it is easy to do and how we draw the result in real time


a feature is missing ? get creative !

We all know that saying NO is difficult.

When it’s time to say NO to a customer, it’s harder, and you have to find if his idea/want/whatever have to change your roadmap.

But sometimes, they don’t ask and find their way to do more with less.

I’ve several exemple in Card.biz, so I would like to share one or two of them, theses little hacks that can do a lot.

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Since the begining we have a few customers asking for two-head management for business units, 2 bosses for a departments. But in Card.biz we use to create ours org charts by asking people to add +1 to employees then we draw. …

TechOnMap Paris

Sometimes there are cool ideas, simple and which can be efficient, building directories can be one of them.

Today Card.biz has been added to TechOnMap a website created by LaFonderie a french public organization.

The idea is to put every tech companies on a map and offer people to explore the way they want.

Nice job, I really think we have to add maps in Card.biz

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http://card.biz : org chart made simple.

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