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Cardance’s core team is made up of businessmen and entrepreneurs with a great track record of projects in the most varied areas.

Lucas Rodrigues

CEO & Founder

Lucas is a doctor by training and entrepreneur at heart. He was responsible for developing and launching products focused on education, health and also his great love, soccer.

Today he is responsible for creating and developing Cardance as a consistent business focused on the general public that has not yet had access and possibilities to enter this great world that are the cryptocurrencies.

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Raphael Santo

COO & Founder

Raphael is a serial entrepreneur with experience in developing social and technology-oriented projects. His background in technology and passion for studying ways to disseminate their products in the most human way possible enable him to be a key part of any project.

At Cardance he is responsible for operational and strategic issues and is the main responsible for developing products that are intended to be the standard for those who wish to enter this universe but have never had contact.

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Cardance Swap

Cardance is a DEX with a focus on popularization and usability that seeks to popularize bringing ease to the exchange of coins.