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Invest in projects you love in a simple way

Cardance by no means came to be an exchange that wants to take the space of other well-established Cardano projects like Minswap, SundaeSwap, MuesliSwap among others, Cardance has the goal of creating a base ecosystem so that new people outside the Cardano world can enter with the lowest possible barrier. We know how difficult this universe is, and it’s even more difficult here at Cardano, so it was with these goals in mind that we created Cardance.

Why don’t we accept any token?

People who are not used to the crypto universe may not be used to researching projects before buying tokens, which can make it easier for people to fall for scams, so only tokens chosen by the Cardance team will be listed initially.

How does the choice of the listed token work?

The tokens listed can be chosen in several ways, these being:

  • He already has a reputation built in the Cardano community.
  • It is from a partner project and already verified by Cardance
  • It is a project that has been validated by Cardance

This decreases the likelihood that a Cardance user will invest in a project that is designed to scam those who buy its tokens.

Will other people be able to add liquidity?

Not for the time being!

The Pool of listed tokens will initially be made up of tokens acquired by Cardance on other exchanges with Cardance itself providing 100% liquidity for the exchanges of the listed tokens.

This will help us maintain users’ confidence in the project because they will not need to provide liquidity for any token by leaving them in Cardance’s custody.

We will provide liquidity mechanisms through our smart contract in the near future, but until then we want to make sure our new users are able to use our protocol.

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Cardance Swap

Cardance is a DEX with a focus on popularization and usability that seeks to popularize bringing ease to the exchange of coins.