CDA and IOG Combine Forces

The Cardano ecosystem is built around innovation and collaboration, which has brought rise to the Cardano DeFi Alliance (CDA). Now we take the next step in collaboration, further following a key Cardano statement of “measure twice, cut once”.

The backbone of Cardano is the voice of the community and dApp developers. We aim to focus a priority on sensing and responding to the collective community, instead of creating and selling. A deeper connection with the DeFi community building on Cardano is an IOG priority, and the beginning of this access comes through the CDA.

Working in tandem, we aim to accelerate the arrival of a more fully functioning Cardano DeFi ecosystem. Charles Hoskinson has guaranteed a direct line of contact for the CDA on key issues of importance, and funding, if necessary. This will expedite critical tooling enhancements and the vision/goals shared through Charles himself, IOG, and the Cardano Foundation. IOG, Charles, and the CDA will be meeting often to discuss the development of the PAB libraries, CIPs, and other key areas of development to better serve the path to full functionality for the Cardano community.

January 6th, 2022 Meeting

The CDA was joined directly by IOG head leadership, including Charles Hoskinson, to speak on the future of our joint involvement. The CDA will now be in direct contact with lead representatives at IOG, John Woods and Simon Thompson, helping to fast-track Cardano tech and community development. Our collaboration begins with communicating and pitching ideas, discussing pain points, and building upon our collective successes.

Indicated Cardano Priorities
Both the CDA and IOG have identified a number of CIPs — especially 31, 32, and 33 — as a high priority. Following discussion of Cardano’s current state of development tooling and the discovery of lacking capabilities within the PAB, IOG has agreed to set this as a focus area, further showing the alignment of both CDA and IOG’s long-term KPIs.

We, at the CDA, look forward to bringing you regular updates of CDA progress and collaboration with all entities of Cardano, beginning a spark to the collective voice of dApp developers and the community alike.



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