Introducing the Cardano DeFi Alliance! (CDA)

Cardano DeFi Alliance
2 min readDec 17, 2021


The Cardano DeFi Alliance (CDA) was founded by a group of DeFi developers, infrastructure providers, and Plutus software development organizations. At the core of this new alliance is the desire to communicate, educate and innovate. Through these fundamentals, the CDA plans to leverage the Cardano blockchain’s strengths to create a robust and dynamic DeFi ecosystem, setting an industry standard for all DeFi to emulate.

The primary mission of the CDA is to provide collaboration among leading DeFi protocols, provide open-source libraries, craft best practices, and innovate within the Cardano DeFi ecosystem. This mission will be pursued through both a public-facing component and an internal component. The public-facing component will consist of: clear and transparent communications with the Cardano DeFi community, creating open-source development libraries, documentation, and providing support to DeFi protocols. The internal component will consist of: leveraging developer & entrepreneurs knowledge to spur innovation, contributing strategic plans & visions, and providing support to IOG through collaboration on key issues.

The CDA provides an equal opportunity space to share information, opinions, issues, solutions, and insight. We believe that all opinions and discussions hold value and deserve to be heard. Members are committed to participating in the CDA with a spirit of openness, collaboration, and cooperative competitiveness. Meaning that communications between members should not be utilized to disrupt, interfere, and/or create conflict in projects that potentially may compete. The ability to connect through clear, honest and collaborative communications is essential to the viability of the CDA.

Membership in the CDA is open to any and all Cardano DeFi projects. New and innovative DeFi projects are strongly encouraged to join the CDA. No voice should go unheard, and in collaboration, all voices grow stronger. Potential members will undergo an interview process to assess the appropriateness for inclusion in the CDA. This process will develop and evolve over time just as the CDA will.

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